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You probably don’t have time to probably read this post in detail, So here are 15 excuses for not starting your business

I’m too scared

There is no person in the world that isn’t scared of doing something new. And those who tell otherwise are only fooling themselves. So don’t think much. Just take deep breaths and take the leap of faith. It’s kinda like bungee jumping. You know you’re going to shit your pants, but the feeling of excitement when you do something new is unbeatable

I don’t have the Right Connections

Between company websites and LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media platforms you can reach almost anyone in the world. Use this to your advantage and make your profile nice and clean. Your future boss might be looking

I’m Too Late

Yeah, Jobs beat you to the graphical interface and mouse, but Xerox beat him. Zuckerberg wasn’t first in social media. The list goes on. Innovation is never one-and-done; some of the most successful companies are based on refining earlier ideas and innovations. You’re only too late if you’re not willing to be better, faster, stronger, or cheaper than whoever got there first.

People Don’t Listen

People will listen to anything that is entertaining, interesting, heartfelt, amusing, shocking, informative, titillating, stupid, satirical, controversial, sad, silly, sexy…If you can’t get anyone to listen, the problem isn’t them. The problem is you. What you want to say is irrelevant; change your message so it means something to the people you want to reach.
Then they’ll listen.

I Don’t Have the Money

Being an entrepreneur is the art and science of accomplishing more with less — less money, less people, less time, less everything. You will never, ever have “enough” cash or capital or funding. If you don’t have enough capital to launch your business the way you plan, then change your plan. You can’t always control what you have, but you can control what you choose to do with what you have.

I Don’t Have the Time

Everyone has the same amount of time. The only difference is what you’re willing to do with your time. You can’t stop time or recover the time you have time. The only way to have time is to make time.

I Don’t Have the Skills

No problem. Go get them. Go to school. Read a book. Read ten books. Talk to friends. Get a part-time job at a small business. Get a part-time job in a completely different industry. Find someone who has done what you want to do and volunteer to work for free in return for the opportunity to learn. Does that seem too hard? Like too big of a price to pay? Or simply not fair? Then accept you will never have the skills and stop complaining. Skills and knowledge are earned, not given.

I Don’t Have a Great Idea

Dreaming up something new is really, really hard. Reacting to something that already exists is really, really easy. Walk around and start complaining (to yourself). You’ll see tons of problems that require solutions. Those solutions are ideas. Or walk around your business and start complaining. There are tons of problems you can address. “New” is hard to imagine. “Better” is much easier. Most companies are built on “better,” not “new.”

I Can’t Take the Risk

If you can’t take a risk, then it’s game over no matter what you do. There is always uncertainity of things. That’s how life is. If life was so predictable, then every business would be making profits, right ? Risk helps you grow, enhances your decisions and gives important lessons. If you can’t take the risk, go home and bake cookies with your mama, boy.

I’m Better at Planning Than Execution

Which means you can only talk and not take action. You’re just too lazy to do the grunt work. Or you think you’ve already paid your dues. Or you think you’re above it. Or… pick your excuse. Every successful entrepreneur rolls up his or her sleeves and outworks everyone else around. (That’s one of the reasons they’re so successful.) You don’t need some undefined innate quality to be good at execution; all you need is discipline.

I Can’t Launch Until It’s Perfect

Nothing’s perfect. Perfectionism is a disease, an addiction; it will only ruin you. Just give your best and launch the damn thing. Let the people decide if its perfect for them or not. The feedback they give will help you determine on how to improve it

I’m Not Comfortable Doing It That Way

I was raised to be humble and self-effacing, so I hate to say I’m good at anything. But sometimes I have no choice; taking advantage of certain opportunities requires confidently describing my skills, experience, and accomplishments. If you’re not comfortable doing something because it violates your principles or ethics, by all means don’t. But if you’re not comfortable doing something simply because it will take you out of your comfort zone, you’re just rationalizing.
And you’ll never be more than you already are.

No Understands the idea

Truly great ideas can be described in a few words. Truly great products can be described in a few words. When no one seems to get it, the only person not getting it is you. Let go of your pride and agenda and “unique point of view” and figure out where you’ve gone wrong.

It’s Too Hard

Nobody said it would be easy. So now what ? you give up. Then go join the line of loser whiners who didn’t make it. Don’t say “it’s too hard”, say “I’m not trying hard enough”. Long journeys are hard. Individual steps are easy. You can’t accomplish any difficult goal overnight, but you can accomplish one step, however small, towards that goal. Think about the end of a journey and all that will be required along the way and you’ll never start. Instead, just do one thing that will help get you there. Then build on it. That you can do.

I’ll Be Too Embarrassed If I Fail

If I was in your place, I really wouldn’t give a damn about what people think. Some people will talk about you. But those are the same people who would never dare try something themselves. So don’t worry about them. A much larger group of people will respect you for taking a shot. They’ll recognize a kindred spirit. They’ll encourage. They’ll pick you up. They’ll know what it’s like to try and fail and try again. Why? They’re people living their lives on their terms. They’re entrepreneurs.


Why are still reading this… Go ahead. Bring your Idea to life. Even if it fails, you’ll be proud of it , proud that you tried and gave your best shot and in return you learnt some valuable lessons of life



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