Custom Xmas

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I know I have already posted christmas wishes, but that post just had a random christmas pic. I did make a pic, actually two. I tried to post on that day but wordpress was giving me problems , so I wasn’t able to. So here are my creations. They didn’t take much effort to create; I’m not even sure if I can call them a masterpeice, but I wanted to create them, so here they are

The magic of Christmas

Country Merry Christmas


This was my first time creating something like this


College Poster

Custom Design, Updates

This I made as a part of my Photoshop training course assignment. A college poster of famous singer Sunidhi Chauhan. Its not very neat and neither was the 11×16 inches print that I got, but well atleast i made something. I’m showing the normal resolution (72 ppi) as the poster image would take a lot of time to load because of its large image size (300 ppi resolution).

ppi – pixels per inch. As the ppi increases , so does the image size and quality which can greatly affect image load times


Birthday Greeting

Custom Design, Just for Fun, Updates

Here’s a sweet birthday greeting idea for your friends and loved ones. I made this for my colleague at work. I changed the name but the idea is the same. If you know photoshop or know somebody who does, download the font YummyCupcakes and install it to write on the cake (If you wish to). The rest is just the result of my swarming imagination


DIY Phone Holder

Custom Design, Just for Fun, Updates
Phone Holder
A Simple Do it Yourself Phone Holder

This is my DIY (Do It Yourself) hack for a phone mount. you know, the kind which we see for blackberry which can be hooked up in the car. I just stuck this bluetooth box ( when me and mom got dads new phone) in a corner. I wanted to paint it or put chart paper on it to do some art on it, but i had already stuck it up. Really effective. Can be used for phones, ipods and pens etc.

Crazy Idea

Crazy Idea


I have been having this super crazy Idea in my head for quite sometime. During my final year my friend Gurpreet and I decided to make a restaurant project on Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access as our minor Project. It was a combination of a Restaurant billing and staffing system combined. It sucked big time and caused us a lot of embarrassment. In the major project he teamed up with his other “best friends” and created a fantastic Project. I went solo and worked on “E-Test” project (with help from Mona, a B. Tech colleague). But the failure of the project hadn’t deterred my mind the slightest.

At work as a part of my self learning module, I made a Restaurant Template when I had no major projects to prioritize on. At first it wasn’t much, but I worked on it more by google searching and imagining the place as if it existed. And was complete

And now comes to insane idea – I want to open this restaurant

Go ahead and laugh your ass off till your mouth and belly hurt.

Thats what I have been wondering. How can a computer guy like me can open a restaurant. The very thought cooks my brain and makes it look like a gourmet dish

It isn’t possible, or is it ?? You tell me