In memory of Hayabusa

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When I was a child I had a cupboard filled with study books and registers , to help me score in exams and move up in life. To decorate my cupboard ( so that it keeps me inspired ) I cut out a picture from the newspaper


First school, then college graduation ; this picture kept my spirits up. I find this bike more beautiful than the most beautiful women on earth.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa, as seen outside a local gym near where I live

I assure you its not mine. Affording it  is a challenge, let alone riding it.

Many years later…..

Graduation is complete, I am working currently, It’s a sunday and I need to clean the cupboard.

But wait. What’s this?? Oh no….!!!!

My picture…it’s…. it looks as if it has rusted over these years. It no longer looks beautiful.


I tear it apart. The cupboard is clean, the studies are done ( for now ), but I miss the picture.

I could put up a picture of any random hot babe, but it won’t bring me that smile ( and my mom won’t like it either )

So I set out to the market to find a poster for my cupboard. And what do I find ?? posters of babies

Babies??? Are you kidding me ?? Seriously???

Well, if I can’t buy it, I guess i’ll have to make it.

So I opened my magic wand (aka Photoshop) and began

Here’s the end result

Designed and got it printed.
16×20 inches poster.
300 pixels per inch.
Glossy finish

The poster currently adorns my cupboard, where it belongs. So What do you think ?? leave me a comment