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Event – Candle Light vigil

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Originally shared by Love Commandos on Google Plus

Candle Light vigil for victims of honor killing
join us as we Honor the Persecuted and Shine Light on Injustice in a Worldwide Honor Killing Candlelight Vigil.

Outside where ever you happen to be on the globe
Saturday March 8, 2014 at 7pm your time,

Just stand outside with a lit candle in hand at 7pm, for whatever length of time you see fit, to Honor the thousands who suffer at the hands of these practices every year.

It is important to mention as an event coordinator we collect no funds whatsoever. This is not an effort to create a new organization. Nor do we plan to align ourselves with any one organization.

Our goal is to raise awareness of these crimes and provide a platform to groups, organizations and individuals all over the world who are fighting for this cause. This is a way to engage their communities and take action against these practices in a peaceful and powerful way.

If this gets big enough it will make a very powerful statement.

May we show that while humanity is diverse in many areas we unite under basic human values.

It is of the utmost importance that:

  • this demonstration remain peaceful
  • we recognize we are uniting against Honor related Killings and Crimes NOT against any particular faith or faiths
  • the message we are sending is one of peace and love; designed to defend the rights of all those effected by this practice, to live in peace
  • everyone should feel welcome to join this movement

All future events will be organized through our Facebook page, Click like and join the fight.

Sponsored by:

Love Commandos



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Love Commandos

Love Commandos


On the day of Valentines Day I saw an article about a unique group of people who I could only refer to as “the guardians of love”. In my personal view, people have a right to choose their own partner. They may be eventually be asking trouble for themselves but that is their choice. Nobody should be “forced” to marry someone just to uphold “reputation” of their family. While they seem like a real life Justice League, they call themselves – The Love Commandos

the love commandos
The Love Commandos – Background and logo edited by me, unofficially

These guys can be called as saviours of lovebirds. They want to help those in love get married with the partner the person has chosen for themselves, not the choice of the parents. They are also attempt to prevent any circumstances of honor killing.

Honor Killing

According to Wikipedia,

An honor killing is the homicideof a member of a family or social group by other members, due to the perpetrators’ belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonor upon the family or community, usually for reasons such as refusing to enter an arranged marriage, being in a relationship that is disapproved by their relatives, having sex outside marriage, becoming the victim of rape, dressing in ways which are deemed inappropriate, or engaging in homosexual relations. Honor killings are especially targeted against womenand homosexuals. The practice, which occurs in various cultures, is universally condemned by human rights organizations.

Here’s an infographic on Honor Killing to better understand this situation

More information about honor killing can be found in this blog

Now , mostly I talk about design and stuff on this blog. But I really found this movement interesting, else I wouldn’t have been blogging about it. If I could support them in anyway, I surely would not hesitate to take on this mission.

In India, women always have to be on high alert as there are people and societies who will go to any length, legal or illegal, to prove their ego and domination and to justify their “outdated” sense of lifestyle. With an organization like Love Commandos, I believe the true liberation, independence and modern of the indian folk has just begun

For more information on these heros, you can visit their website or join the movement on Facebook.

Show your support for them, fellow brothers,sister and friends. Satyamev Jayte

Valentines Day

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February 14th – Friday

A sweet climax to a romantic week – this is the day when, all said and done, you can just revel in the power of love – go for a romantic movie. It’s always great when this day falls around the weekend, so you can pull out all the stops and maybe take a short trip. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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Kiss day

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February 13th – Thursday

Slight pecks to full French – go crazy on Kiss Day! This day just might be more important to us than Valentine’s Day, but that’s just one person talking. Load up on breath mints and swoop in to prove to her that she’s got herself a good kisser, if nothing else!


Hug Day

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February 12th – Wednesday

With two days left to Valentines Day, it’s time to break the physical boundaries. Let this day be the first one when you hold her in your arms and gather her in a romantic hug. This will let her know that you are with her, no matter what

hug day

Chocolate Day

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February 9th – Sunday

We are pretty sure that this strict Valentine Week division into different days is a purely marketing tactic by big corporations – but hell! It’s time to celebrate love and we’ll play along. And if you have to admit it, it’s pretty ingenious. So, now that feelings have been expressed and things are hunky dory, you move on from there with gifting your girl chocolates the next day. White, milk, dark – whatever you choose, know that it is an aphrodisiac!