Is Web Design Dead ?

Is Web Design Dead ?

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I have been thinking about this for quite some time. At times I’m just confused. I wanted to a web designer but my boss put me in SEO saying that it had “too much competition” and was “irrelevant”. I apologize for my rudeness sir, but I don’t believe your bullshit not even for a second. […]

Need your help


Hey guys and girls, I need to make a decision but I’m kinda confused and need your help. You see, This is my professional design blog where I’ll try to explore all kinds of art and beauty. I have also read that including personal posts (posts related to my life, what feel, What I have […]

Womens Day

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Design Playground wishes all its Eves, daughters, sisters, girlfriends and moms a very happy and proud international womens day. Thank you for bringing us into this world