The Sweetest Strangers


Sometimes in a random walk of life we meet people who we dont know much about , yet their actions give us something to remember them, be it in a good or a bad way. they just simply walk in talk to you and sometimes make you wonder “could this be true” at certain aspects. Not all strangers are strange, not all people are as they might seem. Everyone is unique in their own way, some are told so and some, well, just know it in their heart

The people I met somehow restored his faith in a belief long forgotten that “good people still exist”. I knew absolutely nothing about the “juniors” as I called them and wished I did after I left the college as my time there was up. None of these people showed any signs of attitude, show off, sarcasm or any of those negative traits which he had seen earlier in other juniors of his college. Instead they were very simple, smiling and giving straight replies with a touch of humor. I was really impressed by their nature as this had become a rare trait  found in people nowadays

One evening I was waiting for his college bus to arrive to return home after the day. he learnt that the bus had broken down……again. the faculty announced that the people of D6 (the bus which took me home) were to travel in D4 temporarily till the place where a new bus would be waiting for them to follow the route. I climbed into D4 along with his bus mates and they were off.

I was seated alongside my busmates Ish,Kanika and Saumya. I was lost in my own world of music when  Kanika requested me to go somewhere else as she wanted to discuss something with Ish and Saumya. I said ok and found a place along side a guy and a girl having their own discussion. I continued with my world of music. the journey seemed to be longer than usual. they had crossed the toll gate and the new bus was nowhere to be seen. Few minutes later the guy excused himself and asked me for some information, which later turned in to a friendly chat. The duo introduced themselves as Kunal and Garima. They had unknowingly yet gracefully sparked a small lamp of friendship whose flame was destined to burn forever in my heart

Since then whenever I met Kunal and Garima, all they did was pass a sweet smile and sometimes a simple “hey , how are you” to add the spice. this was enough gesture to make my day brighter than ever, even if his plans did not go according to his will during the day. A classic moment  was when Kunal greeted him and Garima misses out, Kunal calls her “hey its Taran” and she would turn around and reply “oh hey how are ya?” and then Kunal , Garima and I went their separate ways.

One day I met them and they introduced him to their friends, Karan and Manpreet. Karan somehow knew which school I was from, I confirmed it and told that he did not like to talk about his school. he met the group a few times and knew this group was definitely the kind of people he would have loved to hang out with, though the circumstances were unfair as usual.

One day I had come to  college for his exam. he was done with it and was waiting for his friend Neha. Just then Garima and Manpreet and came to him. they asked him if he knew about DBMS (Database Management System, they had an exam in an hour). they wanted someone to teach them the basics  as much as he could. I readily agreed and requested Neha for 5 minutes of waiting. Now that he had gained time taran said” Lets go”. they went into an empty classroom. I sat in the middle with Garima and Manpreet by my side. The trio was joined by Kunal and Karan. I referred the book and told them what  I could, though I had forgotten the subject. The group rushed to their rooms after I wished them “all the best”.

a few days later, I had a practical examination. it went well. he needed some info from the administrator mam.he was waiting his turn and was sitting patiently. Coincidentally the group was passing by from that way but I hadn’t seen them coming. Manpreet exclaimed “Oh hello hi!!!, how are you?? we have been looking for you since that day”. I couldn’t help but smile when he looked at his greeters. “Really???” I asked surprisingly. for the first time I had heard that someone was actually “looking” for me. Mandeep continued “yeah, we really wanted to thank you for your help”, “the things you taught us came in the exam; we did what you had told us to and we cleared” added Garima. “That’s great news , congrats”, I replied.and they all hi fived and went their separate ways. The purpose I had stayed back after the exam was not getting solved and seeing there was no use in boring myself to death by waiting any more, he decided to take the metro for returning home.

I had just made an exit out of the college again and guess who I saw again. It was the group and they seemed to be heading out too. They noticed me and asked where was I off to. I told them that he was going to the metro station to that he could reach home. Karan offered to drop him off at the station in his car; I joined. On the way we all had a fun chat  and invited me for GO KARTING with them( I sometimes wish I hadn’t called to tell that I was returning home and should have gone with the group instead [:]). I politely declined saying that I had urgent work at home, but did thank them for the drop and a great time.

And that was the last time I saw them. In my opinion that was the best group I had ever come across. I still wish to meet them again someday, for the moments spent with them were few but those moments were  memorable enough to last a lifetime

Update: I found them >>>