Really Bad design advice

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When it comes to design – for websites, print media, and user experience – there is good advice and bad advice. Today, we would like to present some of the worst advice ever recorded. If you see some of yourself in these examples, it might be time to seek professional help. For design solutions see […]

Golden Gradient

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Recently I have been experimenting with a gradient that is just too beautiful to ignore. It may not glitter and shimmer but it can surely make your website standout from the rest. I am talking about the Golden Gradient i.e a Gradient made from two (or more) gold shade colors   A gradient can be […]

15 Terrible Excuses For Not Starting Your Own Business


View the original Post You probably don’t have time to probably read this post in detail, So here are 15 excuses for not starting your business I’m too scared There is no person in the world that isn’t scared of doing something new. And those who tell otherwise are only fooling themselves. So don’t think […]

Saviour Skill


The humans species is one of the most unique life forms this galaxy has ever known. We are the most unpredictable of races. The other advanced aliens may mock our lifestyle, intelligence and way of living but still we have something that differs each of the planet Earth’s inhabitants from one another – our skill […]

The Human Side


In our daily lives we are always running. Running from home to work, running on the jog track or treadmill to keep fit, running because a rabid dog wants to give us a kiss or maybe just running away from all the noise coz you fear your ears just might start bleeding. We are running […]