Lost a Whole months stash of Posts


Dear Readers

Despite my precautions, I unfortunately lost all the posts from October to November. I made the mistake of not exporting the latest posts to xml file. Its quite a loss and although i can see the posts from social accounts and maybe recover them in a new post, but it wont be the same. Lesson learnt

This also occured because i had changed my hosting provider from Net4 India to GoDaddy. Go daddys wordpress installation has provided me with additonal features and the support staff is quite helpful.

From another perspective , i guess it was for the best as those posts werent really my own. If i keep promoting stuff made by other people, then what’s the difference left between me and the salesmen ?

Also I havent been able to post much as I havent been well

So I apologize for the troubles I may have caused regarding the website and ensure to improve more than before


Update: I found out Posts from September to November