Believe in yourself


Sometimes we rarely get moments when we can be ourselves . the battle with life is never ending. We are unable to take out time for doing things we love to do. Studies and work are not the only threats. constant taunts from parents, feeling lonely .stressed, frustration were some of the added elements. They […]

Republic Day

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Republic day is a national holiday which is celebrated which is celebrated with great zeal and vigour throughout the nation. On this historical day, The Constitution of India had been formed and completely enforced under the chairmanship of Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar making India a sovereign, democratic and republic nation. This day is honoured with […]

Why Register

Why Register

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Since I moved to the new GoDaddy server I have been trying to bring back the look of the blog the way it was before. That means checking code, style, theme settings, plugins etc. to make sure they are working as I want them to. While browsing the settings I saw a small option in […]