Sometimes we rarely get moments when we can be ourselves . the battle with life is never ending. We are unable to take out time for doing things we love to do. Studies and work are not the only threats. constant taunts from parents, feeling lonely .stressed, frustration were some of the added elements. They can sometimes make us feel worthless, but we should always believe in ourselves

sometimes the feeling of worthlessness creeps up when the thing we are trying to achieve doesn’t come to us easily. sometimes we become sad and depressed and frustrated for no reason or for petty reasons. we sit and dream of the day when we will be free again. but one thing we all must remember is that life isn’t easy. if it was it would be too boring to play this game. similarly this life is a big exam we all must clear to prove the world that we are special in our own way. we may not earn enough to live like kings but we still have our humanity, which the world lost in its greed for power.

the battle may had been won but the war isnt over until we have defeated all of our obstacles

Life can be a real bitch sometimes. Sometimes your mood goes so low that you wish that you had not been born, but then you think how much people love it just because you’re there for them. You feel that all hopes were lost only to realize that the ray of hope never goes out, no matter how grave the situation is. In life we only have two choices when face with a problem: we can face it and fight it , or we can simply forget about it. True winners are the ones who go with the first option

MORAL:  Problems come and go as they a part of our lives. If we cant face our petty problems then we have no right to be successful, because with great powers comes great responsibility.

no sacrifice , no victory


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