I have been having this super crazy Idea in my head for quite sometime. During my final year my friend Gurpreet and I decided to make a restaurant project on Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access as our minor Project. It was a combination of a Restaurant billing and staffing system combined. It sucked big time and caused us a lot of embarrassment. In the major project he teamed up with his other “best friends” and created a fantastic Project. I went solo and worked on “E-Test” project (with help from Mona, a B. Tech colleague). But the failure of the project hadn’t deterred my mind the slightest.

At work as a part of my self learning module, I made a Restaurant Template when I had no major projects to prioritize on. At first it wasn’t much, but I worked on it more by google searching and imagining the place as if it existed. And then..it was complete

And now comes to insane idea – I want to open this restaurant

Go ahead and laugh your ass off till your mouth and belly hurt.

Thats what I have been wondering. How can a computer guy like me can open a restaurant. The very thought cooks my brain and makes it look like a gourmet dish

It isn’t possible, or is it ?? You tell me

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