Greetings everyone to another exciting post of Design Playground

Now we all are like in some way or the other like the green lantern


Yes I know. We are not all that green. We do not have the costume. Hell, we don’t even have that cool ring.

But who needs all that, when the powers of the  “ring” is right with us. Inside our head – Our imagination.

We are limited to our imagination. The more base we have, the more we can create

My aunt recently visited my family to present us with a special diwali gift – A custom designed flower vase

custom earthen pot

I took this from my phone

So she had an earthen pot base i. e the base was premade. She made the designs on the vase herself, Now that’s real talent

I may know photoshop but I can’t even draw a donkey’s tail. My skills will always be outmatched in battle with the skill of the hand.

So you have a base, now you wonder what to do with it. Well you make something yourself. That’s what my aunt did. Kinda that’s what I did too in photoshop


See this logo ? I made this myself. I intended something else and instead something better was created.

As as example I’ll show you how I made it.

images Katrina_69

So here are my two images. Now lets get to the fun part

First we select the part of the image we want to use


Now make a new layer of the selected portion. Select the image area you want to use and press Ctrl+J

new layer

Now Ctrl+ Click on your selected layer and fill the selection with white color

fill with white

Now create a new document and fill the background with black color ( or any dark color that you may like )

Black bg

Create a new layer over your image layer. Take the brush tool and enable its airbrush capabilities. Let your colors flow, as long as you are still on the new layer above your white image


Pressing Alt key, move your mouse between the color and the girl layer, with the color layer on top selected. When you click while pressing ALT key, the colors from the topmost layer will merge into the girl layer


Now for that other image. I just filled it with color and put it behind the girl. If you want to do something else or don’t want to use it, Thats upto you.

So what do you think of this trick ? Have you used it differently ? do let me know in the comments below

See ya next time

Taran Tej

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  • Niki

    That’s a very good way to make logos with base pictures! Wish my scanner wasn’t so crappy so I could draw something and then use this technique…

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