In todays world, It has become almost impossible for us to live without our smartphone.The Smart Phones

It’s nearly like a like a computer that we carry in our pockets all the time. So many functions, so many apps, so much social media. I’m so excited…. I just can’t wait……

We have all witnessed the Rise of the Machines, and no, they don’t involve human tissue over a mechanical endoskeleton: it’s The Smartphone.

The Villain In This Story Isn’t The Terminator, it’s Nomophobia

The dependency on smartphones has become so deep, it actually has a name: Nomophobia, which is defined as “the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.” Apparently, the addiction is so strong that most smartphone users don’t even use the washroom without one.

I personally agree with this. I have

  • Turned off notifications for Facebook and Google Plus,
  • Don’t have the Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest or even the WordPress App
  • Got 2 Games: Subway Surf and Fruit Ninja
  • Some useful apps: File Commander, App Lock, Birthday Reminder, Notepad etc
  • Whatsapp for staying in touch with friends

Thats it

And you know what ?? I love it this way.

I dont have to care whos doing what ( as if they personally wanted to tell me anyways )


Thats the way i live. I am sure you would  love this too


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