Is Web Design Dead ?

Is Web Design Dead ?

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Is Web Design Dead ?
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I have been thinking about this for quite some time. At times I’m just confused. I wanted to a web designer but my boss put me in SEO saying that it had “too much competition” and was “irrelevant”. I apologize for my rudeness sir, but I don’t believe your bullshit not even for a second.

So ask you, my fellow surfers. Did I say it right ? Lets find out

Quoting from Stuff and Nonsense Blog

Never fear, web design generalists: many companies and organizations require your services and always will — from universities still seeking webmasters, to startups seeking seasoned folks with multiple areas of understanding to direct and coordinate the activities of younger specialists. But if jack-of-all web work is feeling stale, now may be the time to up your game as a graphic designer, or experience designer, or front end developer. “Diversify or die” is overstating things when the world needs generalists, too. But “follow the path you love” will always be good advice.

What I know and don’t know and what I should and shouldn’t learn has been on my mind recently too.

It’s easy to feel disheartened when it’s hinted that without knowing these, and other aspects of experience design, that simply ‘designing’ isn’t enough, or that designing something to be beautiful is somehow superficial.

If you feel disheartened, I’m with you, but remember, making something that’s beautiful takes a great deal of knowledge and experience. Understanding proportions and ratios for layout, knowing colour principles and ‘seeing’ typography, really seeing it, are not things that can be learned overnight.

“Making it pretty” is a skill we can be proud of and one that’s going to be in demand long after the latest fashionable framework is forgotten.

Wow!!! those are some inspiring words. So that seems pretty convincing to me

What I have learned is that Web Design isn’t dead; Its Evolving. Here’s the sneak peak of the current technologies

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Responsive Design (Websites compatible with Mobiles and Tablets)
  • Photoshop Skills
  • Graphic Design Skills(Bonus)
  • JavaScript/Jquery
  • Knowledge of PHP/MYSQL (For core site building and using CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc.)
  • Knowledge of SEO (Basic stuff will do, better if you know more)

So in my opinion , you need to know the above skills or atleast most of them if you want to call yourself a web designer. I may not be an expert, but I am trying to learn more when I can.

So yes the competition is pretty tough. Theres lots of them out there. They maybe better than you.

Or Maybe you are better

A Quote from an article in hubspot states : –

The web design companies that transition themselves to online marketing services companies will win. The ones that still exclusively generate revenue $5k or $50k at a time by building websites from scratch won’t. Web design companies must transition to charging retainers based on a demonstrable ROI(Return of Investment) for their clients.

Simply put, a mix of design and marketing. That is what I am aiming. I want to do this by trying NOT TO MAKE A SITE IN A TEMPLATE THAT I HAVE USED BEFORE FOR ANOTHER CLIENT. Yes templates make work easier, they give lesser code  and are easy to setup. Thats why many companies setup their websites in WordPress. And then they get hacked…..

Web Design has only one mantra to success: make the user happy. Please their eyes, satisfy their mind and provide them what they seek, because that’s why they came to you: For assistance, For answers; For Solutions

What is the most important factor in website design ?
What is the most important factor in website design ?

This clearly explains what I am trying to say. We are professionals, not 10 year olds with photoshop. It’s time we start acting like a professional. And dear girls, Photoshopping your face doesnt make you a model. You are still ugly untill you find youre own beauty because…

You cant Photoshop an Ugly Personality


So Cheer up my fellow artisans, the world is is still your canvas. Paint it your way 🙂

Need your help


Hey guys and girls, I need to make a decision but I’m kinda confused and need your help. You see, This is my professional design blog where I’ll try to explore all kinds of art and beauty. I have also read that including personal posts (posts related to my life, what feel, What I have been through etc.) will help me connect more with you. Is it true ?? do you want me to post about my episodes of learning. I just said bye bye to my blogger blog as I rarely get the time to pour in personal thoughts. I have the file of posts. So What do you think. Should I make personal posts? would you. Why or why not? Let me know

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