Women as we all know are born fashionistas. Its in their blood. They start putting on lipstick and blush right from an early age and then get matching dressups when they grow even more. If done right, style is hard to go unnoticed by the everyday. Their style becomes so unique that you just cant resist complimenting them.

I really like to compliment people on their unique look. It makes both of us feel happy

Thats true for friends , family and people we know. But what about complete strangers ??

Yes, I complimented a complete stranger….and it felt good

I was on my way to work. I stopped an e rickshaw and told him to head for the metro station. The e rickshaw already had an occupant. A young woman on phone. She was wearing Black Armani top with camouflage trousers. I didnt know her nor I intended to. But i had to restrain my urge to compliment her. After the e rickshaw stopped and both of us got down towards the station, I spoke my mind

“Excuse me,mam”. I called out

“Yes ?”, she replied

“You look great. Your Style is amazing”. I complimented her.

“Thanks”, she said with a smile

There, I had complimented a stranger. It felt good for both of us

Below are some samples of the similar style. Check it out



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