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Cafe Website Design

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I made this template keeping mind that the users of today browse through the next generation phones and tablets. This also means that the website will be responsive  (which is a must nowadays). Though there were a lot of inspirations on the web, I wanted to keep it simple and beautiful. I’m sure somebody else could make a better design of the same theme, but I am proud of it. Dedicated to my college friend, Mona

Mona’s Mocha – The Stylish Cafe
Template  – Restaurant

Template – Restaurant

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Hello and Welcome to another post of Design playground. My work keeps me busy so I’m not able to focus much on the improvement of the blog or its social pages. But I’m doing what I can to spread the knowledge I know and share my love for Design.

Today I’m going to talk about a very special template. It holds a special place in my heart.

Ladies and Gentlemen , I give you, GnT’s Restaurant



Why is this template special to me ? Because of the G in the name

G means Gurinder. He’s one of my friends from college

The Story Behind GnT’s

It was my final year of BCA. We had learnt about visual basic ( .NET seemed complicated to me back then ; still does ). So Gurinder and I decided to show a project on a restaurant. I had downloaded the project called “Rupali Restaurant” and decided to use it as the base. But things didn’t go so well. Neither the project nor the partnership. Forget the design , even the functions were all screwed up. Despite all of this, I still knew that it held a bond that I could not withdraw from. I even redesigned “Rupali’s” logo.


Well I never could get the .NET code to work, But I spent my free hours from work making this template. This template is special for another reason. I made this template literally from SCRATCH. Sure I used a restaurant base template, But it felt like building a house or inventing something. At times frustrating, but always exciting.

I wish i could show the comparison between my first draft and this one, but unfortunately I don’t have the first draft any longer. But anyways, I’m proud of what I made.

Thanks Guri – you’re the inspiration behind this

See ya next time

Taran Tej

Template – Car Showroom

Template – Car Showroom

Templates, Updates, Web Design

Today I will showing you guys a template based on a website for a car showroom. Now before we begin some non technical, non developers people what exactly is a template and how is it related to web design ?


A template is basically a layout of how the proposed website is going to look like.We can say our skin is our template to our flesh and bones. We all have 206 bones, muscles, nerves, a heart ( the centre of emotions ), a brain (which some people never use, sadly), a pair of eyes, arms, legs, a curvy torso etc. But it is our skin (along with our personality and attitude ) that makes us different. We all have our own design, our own template that makes us attractive to other.

So that’s why we say : never judge a book by its cover. Read it first , then judge.

So now I introduce to you the template that I made for a car showroom called Harpreet Ford. It was my homework for my photoshop training class.

It may not look that great, but hey, atleast I tried



So what do you guys think ? Any Suggestions ? Please do leave a comment.

Ill try my best to improve.

See ya next time

Taran Tej