At some point of time, the reasons for which may vary, as much as I would like to continue working on a project, with a heavy heart I have to discontinue or abandon the projects. There is only so much effort a sole developer can put in the name of practice. Therefore I have decided to use Github as my Project Archive. I will upload the projects there and provide a link on the website. This way, developers have a chance to improve upon my flaws and I can learn from them too. Maybe you can give the life to the project when I couldn’t. Keep checking out this space.

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Project Description Download
Woocommerce Attendee Information Custom extension for WordPress WooCommerce to capture attendee information on Event Checkout page Download
Drupal CRM An attempt to create CRM / ERP software system with Drupal CMS  Download
GnT’s Restaurant (Visual Basic) A Restaurant project made in Visual Basic and MDB Database for minor college project. All Help files included  Download
GnT’s Restaurant (.NET)