The demands on the modern blogger are several – kids, regular jobs, social lives, sleeping (what’s that?) – therefore it’s easy to miss crucial details when trying to write and publish new blog posts on a consistent basis.

That’s why Function and Paper Leaf Design created the ultra-handy, functional and free Blogger’s Circle of Life Infographic: How to Create a Perfect Blog Post in 6 Steps.

The Blogger’s Circle of Life is an easy reference guide that takes bloggers from the very first bursts of inspiration for their blog post right through keyword research, writing headlines, organizing your subheadings and creating compelling calls to action for your readers.

Download the Blogger’s Circle of Life and save it as your wallpaper and you’ll never worry again about what your blog posts are missing.

Choose your free desktop wallpaper from these sizes: 1280px1440px1680px,1920px2560px and the big guy, 2880px.


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