When I was a child I had a cupboard filled with study books and registers , to help me score in exams and move up in life. To decorate my cupboard ( so that it keeps me inspired ) I cut out a picture from the newspaper


First school, then college graduation ; this picture kept my spirits up. I find this bike more beautiful than the most beautiful women on earth.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa, as seen outside a local gym near where I live

I assure you its not mine. Affording it  is a challenge, let alone riding it.

Many years later…..

Graduation is complete, I am working currently, It’s a sunday and I need to clean the cupboard.

But wait. What’s this?? Oh no….!!!!

My picture…it’s…. it looks as if it has rusted over these years. It no longer looks beautiful.


I tear it apart. The cupboard is clean, the studies are done ( for now ), but I miss the picture.

I could put up a picture of any random hot babe, but it won’t bring me that smile ( and my mom won’t like it either )

So I set out to the market to find a poster for my cupboard. And what do I find ?? posters of babies

Babies??? Are you kidding me ?? Seriously???

Well, if I can’t buy it, I guess i’ll have to make it.

So I opened my magic wand (aka Photoshop) and began

Here’s the end result

Designed and got it printed.
16×20 inches poster.
300 pixels per inch.
Glossy finish

The poster currently adorns my cupboard, where it belongs. So What do you think ?? leave me a comment

  • Niki

    The poster is great! I can just see my brother putting it on his wall! Or maybe not exactly this one, he owns Kawasaki Ninja… but still! Great work on this one, looks similar to the old one you threw out.

  • tarantej

    Thank you Niki 🙂

  • Greg

    Great job but my hyabusa is white!

    • tarantej

      Would love to see your bike, Greg