Last Time we talked about that there was no bias for gender when it came to innovation. Now we know that there is no age for innovation either. 12th class Student Rajesh Adhikari has created a marvelous set of shoes..that can charge itself ….while you charge in your walk. Pretty cool Huh ?

Rajesh Adhikari, an ingenious 12th class Indian student has invented shoes that can Shoe-charger-for-mobile-devicescharge
your mobile devices any time you want. All you have to do is walk a mile and you are good to juice up your mobile device. The invention came as a result of heavy snow in the winters last year which left Nainital (hill-town) in Uttrakhand without any power for quite some days, disrupting life and leaving the kid bored with his phone out of power. This is when the idea of inventing a shoe that could charge his mobile came into light and he started working on it. In the end he made a functional version of a wearable shoe that has a small dynamo that charges up and produces 5V electricity as one walks or runs while wearing the shoe. Add to that the waterproofing credentials of the shoe, and you have a mobile charger no matter what the terrain or the weather conditions.

So no matter where you are, the shoe gives you a reason to walk and charge your phone at the same time. Not only charging a phone but the shoe also lights up a LED bulb when the power is out. Rajesh now has plans to upgrade the shoe so that it can wirelessly charge the phone as you walk, meaning that you won’t be seeing the pop up “Battery Low” anytime soon once this shoe is out for purchase.

Clearly the kid deserves some accolades and most important some support for realizing his dream of making a shoe that can wirelessly charge your mobile devices.

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