The modern age human is no longer a carbon based, two legged vertebrae who has complicated bio structure and even more complex inner feeling system. No not at all. Instead the humans have transformed into walking, talking computers (much like the robots being created today, but more closely related to to the androids and cyborgs we have seen in sci fi movies and games). They have become more and more like the devices and gadgets they carry with them which makes their life seem easy going, despite its known hardships and bitchiness. Confused ? Let us explain.

The human race can walk, talk, think and can do most of the stuff that our creatures of the wild cannot. They do eat, breathe, have a throbbing brain and a pumping heart, but they resemble more like electrical, battery operated zombies that run on clockwork. Emotions and Feelings are now just folders and files on their personal flash drive commonly known as “the human brain”
Like computers, they have their own schedules to keep up to, their own processes to finish, their own tasks to complete and their own kind of resources which they depend on for their survival and living.

The humans also tend to keep another list with them. A secret list which only they know about. It is this very list which defines them, makes them different from the other people and is the main reason for attraction or repulsion of  various people or interests. This list is called the “Priority-Minority” list.

Priority, in simple terms, means importance. It is basically the amount of importance we give to somebody or something in our lives. Perception and personal views are the major factors that matters when it comes to making a choice. Some priorities can make our lives beautiful, while wrong priorities can make our lives a living hell. Its our call.

Minority can be defined as a synonym to “lower priority”. Like priorities, we have some people or objects that we consider as “not worth our time”. Just like priorities, minorities also form a small but essential part of our lives, though we always choose to ignore them, criticize them and consider them worthless.
A word of caution : NEVER underestimate the value of anything or anyone you consider as a minority because life has its own bag of tricks  and you can be bloody sure that it will leave no opportunity to slap you right across the face and ask “Who’s the worthless one now, asshole ?”.

So why is this secret list so important? because this list is what defines us or destroys us. They are the reason behind the happy faces, the reason behind depressed hearts, the cause of extreme joy or regrettable sorrow. It makes us who we are today. Get your list right and you will bathe in blessings. Mess it up with wrong decisions and you will be meeting karma, who is gonna have immense pleasure in fucking you to death while you beg for mercy, forgiveness and second chances.

So before you make something your priority or minority, plunge into your conscious and seek your intuition. Does it feel right? do you believe that its worth the risk? Is there a chance that you might regret your decision? If you feel that the final answer is yes, then go for it and don’t look back.

Remember : Destiny is what we make of it. The success or destruction of our lives lies with us and us alone.
Life rarely gives second chances only to a selected few, use them wisely.
But most importantly – don’t just breathe and live, Live life to the fullest.
Its your only shot coz its the only one you got .

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