Hey whats up everybody. I’m Taran Tej bringing you another exciting post of Design Playground

So what’s today’s special ? How about a guy transforming a humble car


to a real life Bumblebee


Thats right  – a squatting model of a robot like car. This guy made it

squallting transformer

Meet Hetain Patel, A UK based Indian who transformed a humble Ford Fiesta to a Towering Transformer . Pretty cool huh ?

You can read the full article here : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2469774/The-real-life-Transformer-Artist-turns-battered-Ford-Fiesta-Hollywood-style-giant-robot.html

Now thats what I call genuine creativity.

Here we have the old  – and  new – Ford Fiesta


now what if this transformer was real ? what if you were on a date with a hottie and this happens ?


(sorry folks, wordpress doesn’t allow me to upload video )

So now that we are talking about transformers ( the movie ), we are sure to expect 3 things from the latest installment, Age of Extinction


The awesome battle between Autobots and Decepticons

Awesome Cars

and of course


Getting back to the topic, i would like to show you something that i found while googling


You may not notice at the first look but this pic is actually habeen brilliantly merged as one

Here are the original pictures

optimus prime megatron transformers 2megan-fox-sexy-in-transformers-2

In fact , the guy/ girl even changed Megan’s dress to match a dark color scheme . NICE!!!!

So how did the do it? With a little trick called called layer masks

Tutorial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAKILf5I0Vw

I did a little “Layer masking” myself. Non professional of course


Well, I hope I didnt bore you all too much. If you want to see something else, leave me a comment below and Ill see what I can do. See ya next time


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