The humans species is one of the most unique life forms this galaxy has ever known. We are the most unpredictable of races. The other advanced aliens may mock our lifestyle, intelligence and way of living but still we have something that differs each of the planet Earth’s inhabitants from one another – our skill set. This skill set is our inventory of what makes us different from the other ordinary people and makes us unique in our own special way. To some it might be considered great and to some it might be considered irrelevant and pathetic, but we possess it nonetheless. The day we discover our skill and how to use it properly, we have already take a huge step towards the success of our life.

No matter what skills we have acquired or already know about, we should NEVER say” this ability is of no use to me” or “So what if i know this, its not going to help me make a living”.Because we may not realize it now, but this skill that you keep calling as “useless” is going to save you, one way or another.

Some people have a skill called “quick thinking”. It is the extraordinary skill to react to a situation in almost milliseconds. Generally used by Sarcastic people and potent managers, this quick thinking once saved my life

On the day when me and my friends were traveling to The Hill of the Gods. We reached a place where the rocks were slippery and the fall was dangerous. Being barefoot, this was a risky idea.
I was trying to cross the rocks like his friends had managed to. Had it not been for Pratima’s quick thinking , he would have slipped and…. it could have been his life’s “Season Finale”.

(If Pooja is reading this, he wants her to know that he will forever be in her debt for saving his life)

Some people have acquired skills. They learn it from somebody else and when they see a situation, they use the best of their abilities and try to help out whoever they can. Even though these people are filthy rich and can continue running their companies like a normal businessman/businesswoman would, they choose to lend a hand to the less fortunate not only because it is an business obligation, but because they feel peace of mind when they see a smile of the face.

Orphan entrepreneur Bruce Wayne could have easily led Wayne Enterprises and could have made changes to the world, but he chose to do it in his own way. He was a former member of the League of Shadows clan  and had witnessed the brutal murder of his parents. Money was not an issue to him as he was already loaded with riches. He wanted to make a difference. He wanted to create a world where no child would be become an orphan, no one would have to go through the horrors that he had felt and nobody would have to live in fear of the criminal. With his clan training, the weapon of fear and some scientific aid, he became the Dark Knight we all know as Batman.

Another person who shares similar traits like Mr Wayne is none other than industrialist, weapons maker,philanthropist, playboy but most of of, the armored avenger Mr Tony Stark AKA Iron Man
He used to be the filthy rich philanthropist, pampered playboy, educated yet uncaring and the modern Lord of Destruction. He used his high powered intelligence (which he inherited from his father) to make money and create destructive weapons, which could blow up the planet. But after a somewhat mechanical “Change of Heart” (literally), he swore to use his intelligence and technology for something better other than lame excuses for getting laid. He may not have been wise before, but then again as they say – Better late than never.

So now you must be wondering “Ok buddy what’s your point . How are these cartoons related to you. what are you trying to tell us, or are you just wasting our time with a dumb post.”

Patience , Nosferatu. You will know the importance of the title(of this post) soon enough.

Just Listen

Now that we have your attention (if not, you probably read half of the post but got irritated and left, not our problem). We would like to elaborate what we said earlier in the post. this time in bold

No matter what skills we have acquired or already know about, we should NEVER say” this ability is of no use to me” or “So what if i know this, its not going to help me make a living”.Because we may not realize it now, but this skill that you keep calling as “useless” is going to save you, one way or another.

This holds true for everyone, even me. How ? Because even I have a skill that I considered to just something I could use to kill time. My spoken and written English are probably my most powerful tools, though I never realized this. My hobby of poetry and lyric writing made the skills even better. When I was young the only jobs that were considered worth pursuit were to become a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer.Now as the times have changed , so has the number of opportunities for work and jobs. You can start a business of almost anything, no matter how irrelevant it seemed before or how dumb the idea was called in the old times. Likewise, if somebody would have told me that my English skills would get me a job and without having a Masters in Literature, I probably would have called you mad and laughed the idea off. But now that I think about it, I’m glad that atleast these  skills got me a job, somewhere where he could begin to be someone unique. The other companies might not have been so grateful.

In a nutshell, my English skills saved me. They gave him a job, even if it was under a relative. They gave him a chance to escape boredom. A chance to discover to leave behind the “Student” title he live under for so long.

So my dear people, remember this : 

Your skill or hobby is not  just a passion, it is your key to success. Discover your skill, improve it and use it as the ladder that will take you to new heights if success and happiness.

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