Today I will showing you guys a template based on a website for a car showroom. Now before we begin some non technical, non developers people what exactly is a template and how is it related to web design ?


A template is basically a layout of how the proposed website is going to look like.We can say our skin is our template to our flesh and bones. We all have 206 bones, muscles, nerves, a heart ( the centre of emotions ), a brain (which some people never use, sadly), a pair of eyes, arms, legs, a curvy torso etc. But it is our skin (along with our personality and attitude ) that makes us different. We all have our own design, our own template that makes us attractive to other.

So that’s why we say : never judge a book by its cover. Read it first , then judge.

So now I introduce to you the template that I made for a car showroom called Harpreet Ford. It was my homework for my photoshop training class.

It may not look that great, but hey, atleast I tried



So what do you guys think ? Any Suggestions ? Please do leave a comment.

Ill try my best to improve.

See ya next time

Taran Tej


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