In our daily lives we are always running. Running from home to work, running on the jog track or treadmill to keep fit, running because a rabid dog wants to give us a kiss or maybe just running away from all the noise coz you fear your ears just might start bleeding. We are running because we can no longer explain to our friends that they aren’t who they used to be; We are running from our ex because their love lasted shorter than what they had promised. We are running, because sometimes, we lose faith in us or in the world. We lose faith that there is somebody at least acknowledges our presence, even if we don’t know them personally.

This being my first job and I being the youngest, I feel surrounded by leaders. Leaders, who have seen more trials of life and work when I cannot even begin to fathom. These people have seen the true face of the world and know how to tackle situations most would turn their backs to and flee like cowards.
Yes, Being a leader or following one is education in itself. The REAL education that we need, the one that matters. The education that we can actually learn and experiment.
At times we find a leader who, despite their job and commitment to work, have a human side.
Now what do I mean by the human side ? We already are humans, our leaders do look like men and women of Earth. So why did I say this ?
It is my belief ( I maybe wrong ) that some leaders treat their juniors like drones. They always say “I’m the boss, I am right even when I’m wrong. To them “working together” means that they sip on cola while the others rot in the heat. Not a very good leader, Isn’t that ? 
On the other hand, the leaders who ( though rarely ) show their appreciation for their colleagues for their hard work or at least do something that cheers them up, is the mark of a true leader. Yes they scream at you if you don’t get it right, goof up or fuck up with a client, but that’s their job. So that you realise what went wrong and try not to do anything stupid in the future.
So how do we know if they are showing their human side or they are just sugar coating our minds. That you will have to determine yourself. 
But when they do show their human side, its something like this. Its rare but beautiful
I realise this is not the best example. You can kill me later.
This human boss is an amazing person. You can share your professional as well as personal problems with them. At times they will laugh with you and talk to you, share with you, order cake on your birthday or just walk with you. You can get to know them outside the office.Once you get to know them they arent so bad, theyre just people, just like you.
So if you find a leader like that, heed them and find out how they work. They just might pave a way for your success. Good luck, Kiddo

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