Update: By the time I wrote this post, Behance was up and running again. But the other problems are still prevelant.

So, I was casually patrolling Linkedin when I came across a post asking the link to my work. Of course, I gave my website’s link but I wanted to give link to Behance as well. Surprisingly, the website did not open.

Strange. I just opened the website a month back and it was working fine. I have even updated my projects on it.

I was sure that my internet connection was alright and I had typed in the correct address.

Also, its a decades old website made by the Adobe, so you cannot possibly question that.

But sadly, my thoughts were unable to reason with the blocker in the Indian Government (who decided that Behance was a torrent site and must be blocked) and the website did not become live again…yet.

So let’s just have a brief view at our history in this context, shall we?

  • We already have the CBFC banning fantastic movies or deleting scenes, because we are a “sanskari” (decent) bunch of fellows who can ban a movie about rampant drug abuse in the state, but happily give an A certificate to a movie which doesn’t show women as normal people or humans, but portrays them as gorgeous goddesses sent to Earth for mere “Male Pleasure”.
  • It’s completely fine to  piss (urinate) in public, but not kiss in public.
  • If a woman wears short clothes, goes to clubs, smokes, drinks, has a top that shows her waist and belly button, comes home late at night, among other things, then she is “indecent” and asking for it. While “boys will be boys and make mistakes”.
  • Instead of ensuring strictness in their laws and helping citizens, as the police of the state is supposed to, they are going to parks and beating couples who just want to spend some with each other. I can only wonder if those couples are even safe in the metros.
  • We don’t consider the people from the North Eastern states as Indians
  • We beat the Nigerians black and blue but want girlfriends as “American White”

The list is endless…

Coming back to the point of this post, There are many designers who rely on Behance to show their work to their potential clients and employers. As designers, we have to show what we have done in order to have the next freelance project or job. You not only blocked access to a website, you blocked access to their entire work which they may not have anywhere else. Well played, Indian Government…well played. 

My original idea was to ask about why the government had blocked Behance and to request them to unblock it as the work of many designers (including mine) depends on it, but then I thought there were many other things the Gormint does not approve of. This isn’t the 60’s;  there are now many more job fields other than medical, law and engineering, personal ideas and space matter to people and Indian women CEO’s are a thing. I know it must be hard to accept the changing times, but we only have two options in the is modern race for survival: Adapt or Die.

As much as I applaud India’s technological uprising and innovation, at the same time a democracy old since time immemorial needs to change its patriarchal thinking. I am blessed with the upbringing I have been granted by my family, but the number of good people in this world is dwindling.

How many more young minds will have to commit suicide before you realize there’s something wrong ? How many more rapes need to be reported before you can make your laws stricter ? How many engineers will have to keep searching jobs and keep being rejected before you realize that there’s a flaw that needs to be fixed ASAP.

Just answer: How much more ?

I may be just a mere speck in this nation of billions, but I hope my voice reaches somewhere. I am just a designer of websites, but in my opinion, India desperately needs a “redesign”.

I hope I’ve been able to convey my message and I pray that my voiced concerns will be solved one day. Fingers crossed.

Feel free to let me know your thought in the comments



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