When it comes to website development , you have a range of options in front of you. Beautiful designs, amazing features, great content…. you can go on and on. You have decided that you want a website for your blog, business or just for something you love. I made this website (and I still work on it) to learn about web design, programming, show photoshop stuff etc. and I love every bit of it

Whether you are making it on your own, are a developer or have hired one, knowing the core your website from the start can save you much trouble . Assuming you are just somebody that doesnt know a thing about website languages, I present to you the most common website development languages of the web. Ill try to explain as to which website code should make your site and why but ultimately, its your decision. If you disagree with the list, you are free to make your won suggestions 

Ready? still here…?? Ah good, then we can continue.

The languages I am about to differentiate are – 

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • JAVA

Please note that although wordpress is not a programming language, I still included it as millions of people use it to create website. I wont be discussing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets ) since its a supportive language in  my believe. You can still have a website without CSS; a damn ugly one. I am not including any other CMSes other than wordpress, but you are free to suggest it in the comments or show me a website where it worked for you.

Now that we have made it clear…and you are still here…lets move on



I hope this helps you take a better decision for creating your new website or revamping your existing one

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