We all have a beginning. The time when we are amazed about something so much that we want to do it but don’ know the steps. It could be anything, as long as you have fun doing it and it captures your heart and mind. So what captured my soul ? Design;  the way characters are created, the way smart men and beautiful women dress, the art on the ground, the creativity of the Student Archy ( Students of Architecture and the like). But most of all : Photoshop

June 2009

A college 2nd year student has just come for his training at a company, because his college demands a project. He comes in and men and women sitting on their computers and well…working. One day a senior introduces him to the magical world of Adobe Photoshop.

And thats when it all began


At that time, college boy only learns a few tools but is exploding with excitement to see what he can do. Like a child with a new toy, he sets off his ideas on his first character – The Druid

beastman orignal

So what idea did this kid have ?

He thought it would cool to put an armour on him. Let’s be reminded that the idea was lame, stupid, childish. He didn’t know any techniques nor he had any idea what he was doing. He was just having fun. Then again, all great people start off stupid.

His tools :

the first tools

Yep. Thats it.

So I could go ahead and explain all the details of how these tools were used. Or maybe its better if I showed them, so that you can hearty laugh in just one moment and not like those dead people laughing in comedy shows

beastman progress

I made it like that. I didn’t know the true power of Photoshop

Present Day

In 2012, I joined the same workplace that had shown me the most spectacular magic show. My greatest moment was meeting my mentor who had shown me that world.

I learned more about Photoshop, its tools and their uses. How one software was powerful enough to set fireworks of imagination whooshing into the sky , like the Fourth of July.

Who would have thought that “lame college guy” who made something as odd as the picture above could now create something like this: gma-back

A sample design for model agency business card

But like I said, this is only the beginning….. a never ending river of dreams.

I can’t stop…or I’ll outdate. Gotta keep moving

See ya next time

Taran Tej

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